A history of journalism in in the 20th century

Welcome. This site was created as a teaching aid by and for students of Rick Musser, professor emeritus in journalism at the University of Kansas.

This site focuses on American journalism from 1900-1999. Although history does not often compartmentalize itself into conveniant pieces, this site focuses on the 10 decades as if each 10 years were a chapter.

From the first newsreels to the advent of the Internet, the 20th century will be remembered for the birth, evolution and impending demise of "modern," mainstream journalism. While this site concentrates on American journalists and news services, the contributions from other parts of the world also are recognized.

In each chapter, photos, video, audio and short articles tell the story of such media figures as Teddy Roosevelt, who used the newsreels to great effect at the turn of the century; Franklin Delano Roosevelt who encouraged a nation using radio addresses; and Ronald Reagan who created an image of steady leadership through the use of television.

Although there was great ingenuity during the 20th century, these decades were also marked by tragedy, inequality and discrimination of many kinds. You can begin at the beginning with the 1900s chapter or just start wherever and whenever you would like. We just hope you enjoy the show while you learn.